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Amit Bhise 1

Indonesia Exploration

Indonesia for me was nothing but Bali, until I planned to go out and explore it myself and first time I was happy to be proven wrong.

To be specific I was in Bali just for 2 days out of my 8 days trip and the rest of the days were spent on some Beautiful Island which were close to the coast of Bali. The Highlights of the trip were Nusa Penida , Nusa Lembongan & Gili Islands , you have to be there to see what a great artist God is , the Islands are so picturesque that its hard to believe that it exists in real.A trip without exploring the cuisine of that country is incomplete and being a vegetarian it’s a bit difficult at times but surprisingly Indonesia has a few amazing dishes to offer “Nasi Goreng” and “Gado-Gado” both are available all over Indonesia and are in veg options.

The most Mesmerising sights of my trip was Kelingking Beach, Devil’s tear and Angel’s Billabong. The best feeling was to just sit in the Infinity Pool facing the Beach and passing your day at a beach Club with refreshing drinks and scrumptious food. What else can you ask for?

Don’t let your trip be just limited to Bali GO OUT and EXPLORE..!!

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