And the search is on – treasure hunt saga!

A vast campus, tricky clues, limited time and an elusive ‘Treasure’ – you can imagine our ardour as we put our brains to test on this epic treasure hunt competition!

Divided into six groups, our notoriously efficient cultural committee put puzzling hints in chits that were spread all over our office premises, with the classic rule of one clue leading to the next. And they sure did put in a lot of effort burying the treasures in far-away, never thought of places! Browse through these images if you think we’re exaggerating. 

From finding those hidden clues to outsmarting the competitors, this event was fun to say the least.

The winners were euphoric, and rightly so, they were (grudgingly) the smartest!

The teams – 


 Our beloved committee at work – 



The hunt begins – 

 And the winners are…!