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Bhupesh Moyal – Team Lead iOS

Hey, I am Bhupesh Moyal, having 8 years of experience in mobile technology, mainly worked on iOS. I joined Holidayme 6 months back as a mobile team lead. I always wanted to work in a product based company, where I can get enough challenging work.

Holidayme provided me the perfect platform to explore my capabilities. It also gave me a chance to understand the challenges in Travel domain company with an active customer base across the globe.

At Holidayme I got very good support from my teammates and manager. They supported me at every stage and helped a lot to understand the domain properly. The environment of the Holidayme is very friendly, joy-full and competitive.

We can easily approach anyone right from the developer team to higher management team easily. Management always encourages to explore and integrate new ideas for the product.

My colleagues are very friendly and Holidayme maintains an open culture in the team. We started adopting an Agile methodology which was partially missing in the team. We are always open to new challenges & new learnings. We keep on honing our skills so that it helps while to solve complex problems. Holidayme provides job stability, job satisfaction and always care for there employees. It organizes lots of co-curricular activities which help to boost up team bonding and flow positive energy.

Management believes in smart work instead of hard work, they conduct various training session for soft and technical skills. The HR department is very active, they always resolve your query at the quickest, It’s a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and groom their knowledge.

Holidayme always appreciates the best talent. The company offers good benefits. Last but not least Holidayme is a great company to work for and I’m proud of being part of this family. Together with our efforts, we are looking forward to contributing to the company’s growth.