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Carol Savia Mathias – Manager Product

My journey with holiday me since 2016 continues to be the best ever. The entire team that is so diverse has made the biggest impact on me.

The management is genuinely driven to ensure an overall growth not merely in sales numbers but also in each team member – be it in personal skills or just a mind/ body tickle fun activity. The happy, energetic, chilled out, funky, cool office atmosphere allows me to be more creative in my line of work where ultimately the customer enjoys unique and quality holidays at the most competitive prices. I have had the opportunity to travel to new countries and meet people from all walks of life.

Being based in Dubai and interacting with the Arabic sales team has enabled me to pick up a little Arabic. This is a big advantage for me as I can now understand better what my colleagues say, but I still have a long way to go and get fluent 😊

Holidayme is my second home and as a member of this family I feel valued, my opinions are heard and matter, I feel safe knowing I am with the right mindset of leadership with only more exciting times ahead of us.