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Saurabh Das-Assistant Manager

This is the place where I have learnt valuable life lessons – professionally and personally. I have interacted with wise and experienced seniors, learnt to withstand pressure and deadlines, forged a deep bonding with my colleagues and most of all, gained valuable experiences of the travel industry, marketing, technologies and future specific platforms like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, micro-learning platforms, etc.

My journey started on 8th October, 2014. Travelling by Goa Express to Pune from Delhi seemed a tumultuous adventure. As the train rattled its way to Pune, I pondered on plenty of ‘what if’s’…Thankfully, all my doubts and concerns disappeared with time.

I am deeply indebted to the people at holidayme who have withstood my dramas, assuaged my fears and anxieties, and cared deeply for me. Today, I have pleasant memories like that of Tausif Sheikh, who held my hand and literally dragged me for a trek; to Megha Kaimal, who made me fly in air during a scooter ride; to all the team dinners, puns, dramas, fights, events…the list is just endless.

What I learnt at holidayme, is that life is not all about the seriousness of it, it’s also about enjoying the fun part. Work, fun, frustration, success, laurels, recognitions, etc. are all part of life and it somehow, enriches one’s experiences.

In my case, I joined a content writer. Initially it was extremely boring, and the herculean writing efforts drained the life out to me. Then there was a time, when the organisation faced ups and downs. The organisation kept sailing and so did I, in the same boat. As of today, I can proudly say, that I have grown and evolved with holidayme.

I never imagined that from hard-core content writing, I will move towards micro-learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and who knows, what else…. 3-years have passed-by and it has successfully managed to turn a scary, nervy boy from Delhi into a more confident professional and individual.