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Konica Dutta – Assistant Manager Operations

I started my wonderful Journey with Holidayme 3 years back with a lot of passion towards my role. I faced a lot of exciting challenges when I started my Job like handling a whole new team & discovering whole new destinations. It was the most exciting part of my Job. I learned a lot of new tools, new destinations & new tasks.

With the friendly and welcoming environment of Holidayme, I was able to handle everything well.

I feel very lucky to work for an organisation which sees potential in employees. The management appreciates new ideas, suggestions and also helps in achieving our goals.

I am part of operations and it is my job to provide perfect services to the customers, it was roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs for 3 years, would say it was an amazing ride.

It’s an honour seeing the company grow and you are growing along with the organization.

Holidayme is not a company, it’s a Family for me, I am very Lucky to be a part of this Beautiful Family.