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Mohamed Hisham – Marketing Manager

I started my Journey with Holidayme with a lot of expectations towards my career . I completed my 3 years with the company, it provided me with exciting challenges & I am still expecting more & more. I am not only grown as a professional but also as an individual. In the last few years, I’ve made good friends & have met charismatic leaders. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such talented, inspiring, & enthusiastic leaders, whom I’ve always found committed towards excellence.

I remember this incident when I had an idea that will change the communication & improve it to get better overall results, I informed my management & it was hard to accept at the beginning but with a decent, open, friendly & fruitful discussion with them, we ended up taking the decision to test it & push for it until we actually changed the communication all together & that was a very small example on how my management is supporting in each & every task/project I do.

I feel lucky that I work for an organization that sees visions & values as a valuable use of time. I’ve never experienced that anywhere else.

When you work at Holidayme you feel that you are part of a big family that live the same experiences as anyone else including the founders & leaders, company with such transparency will make you always feel loyal & attached.

Finally, I feel honored & proud to be part of a team that is dedicated, supportive, motivated & fun.