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Co-Founder | Managing Director

Digvijay Pratap


Digvijay is the co-founder and managing director at holidayme. With an expansive experience in e-commerce and computer applications, he is also the key product strategist at holidayme. Digvijay’s 14 year-long stint leading the technology frontier at various companies led to the realization that the online travel market had plenty of regular holiday booking portals, but none that offered a customised travel products online.

This led to the ideation of on-the-fly customisation of holidays offered by holidayme. Booking flights & hotels online had become the norm, but the complicated process of planning, charting and booking an entire holiday online was an innovation led by holidayme, thanks to the cutting-edge & proprietary technology that is driving the OTA.

A travel technology savant, Digvijay realised quite early in his life that coding was his calling and took up a Master’s degree in Computer Applications before building up a successful career as a software engineer. He has headed technology teams in leading companies across the travel sector in South-East Asia and has designed e-commerce applications & products that have challenged and quashed competitors.