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Geet Bhalla


Geet Bhalla is the co-founder and the group CEO of holidayme. Prior to HolidayMe, Geet has worked in the finance and banking technology for over 15 years in building enterprise sales and marketing structures across the Middle East. He has worked with large multinationals throughout his career and has established excellent business connections. He also enjoys reading and exploring the potential of new technologies.

He draws from this wide-ranging experience as he focuses on building holidayme as the leading brand of choice across the Middle East and South East Asia for personalised holiday travel for customers of the region.

An avid traveller, Geet has been to more than 70 countries. His extensive travel experience and business acumen led Geet to identify the immense opportunity that existed in outbound online travel. He then set out with the vision to create a simplified platform that would enable travellers to plan and book a complete holiday experience in just a few clicks.

Geet has completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis University, Pune and is currently pursuing the Owner President Management program at Harvard Business School.