HolidayMe: Tech pioneers in the online travel industry!

In a span of a few months, HolidayMe has made a massive name for itself and has become the No. 1 online travel portal in the Middle East. But, how has this been possible? In today’s world of e-commerce, technological prowess is everything and this has set HolidayMe stand apart from its competitors.

The Technology Team of HolidayMe has been innovative, creative and has achieved the improbable in little time. They have contributed significantly in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness, and high quality performance of various applications in a short span of time.

The main use of technologies lie in streamlining all the internal and external process of the company. The technology team has amazingly integrated the following technological components easily.

  • APIs

Technologists have created distributable Rest APIs, which are exposed so that anyone can consume our data to incorporate with their applications. Creation of APIs has given an edge to our company by generating revenues from various travel companies. Typically, any travel company takes several years in partnering with other travel companies.

  • Databases

Technologists have not limited themselves to MS SQL or My SQL, but with other upcoming database types:

  • Mongo: To have quick response of any query.
  • Redis: To store caches.
  • Windows Services Applications

The windows services applications can integrate with any number of Supplier APIs by sending responses in parallel. This brings a consistency in the turnaround time to the customers for any query they request. Technologists have created in a such way that these applications efficiently interacts with all the databases types we use.

  • Best In-Class Booking Engine

Our programming logics and algorithms are well-defined for getting any response as per the requirement. The Cheapest Rate Algorithm is a master piece, in a sense, the way it handles queries, systematically process the requests, and magnificently provides the least rate such as for booking a Hotel or Holiday.

  • Internal Reservation System

This is an in-house software that takes care of all the details of the reservations done. Technologists have shown a good resistance of not depending on third party applications. They have saved a lot of money by doing well research in understanding customer and business requirements.

  • Confluence

A Product Management System which enables in launching new travel products in a structured manner. Some of the unique features are: assigning product ownerships, in-built approval workflows, product usage dashboards, and product lifecycle management. In addition, they can create contents of a product in an Arabic Language.

The Tech team has achieved their goals by defining proper plans and process in aligning to the company business needs and goals. The company has hosted its applications on cloud, and used branded firewalls and anti-virus softwares for securing data and activities. As HolidayMe website has a huge roadmap ahead of it, all of the deliverables created by technologists continue to be scalable, reliable, and highly available.