What is HolidayMe?

We are a bunch of travel buffs who want people to holiday the way, they have always dreamt of. Booking holiday packages tend to be a clumsy process and the several nitty-gritties involved tends to spoil the fun in them. This is where, we at HolidayMe, come to the rescue!

Breaking away from the cluster of numerous portals offering monotonous holiday packages, HolidayMe offers on-the-fly customized travel solutions to customers across the world. Being travel buffs ourselves, we want our customers our fellow travellers, to design their own dream holiday packages and select hotels, sightseeing activities as well as transfers, the way they want to! What’s more, we give them this unique opportunity to plan these fantastic holidays in just a few, simple steps. Visit our site for more information.

HolidayMe allows customers to choose from hundreds of curated itineraries around the world and customise them according to their wishes.  These packages have been carefully selected and created by our travel experts. The unique customisation feature has been simplified by our website’s simple, user friendly platform and multiple payment methods. Furthermore, our blog site –, offers fellow travel-enthusiasts detailed information on the latest travel and tourism trends, as well as inspiration on how to plan and make the best out of their holidays.

All in all, we do not believe in merely making our customers fly over to some destination, but in giving them the chance to know more, plan better and then take the plunge. In a world filled with so many enchanting places, we give travellers a chance to choose what they want to explore, when they want to explore, and how they want to explore.  

HolidayMe is a registered trademark of Traveazy DMCC, based in Dubai. The website is published and maintained by Traveazy DMCC, Dubai (“Traveazy”). Holzoo Private Networks Limited based in Pune, India, is the proprietary of Traveazy and is the hub of the technological R&D as well as the resource support.  With offices across Dubai, Riyadh and Pune, and an ever expanding team, our journey in making the dream holidays of our co-travellers is well and truly, on its way.

We are the No.1 online travel portal in the Middle East, not because we offer over 1,00,000 hotels and over 8,000 activities to choose from or because we have airport pick-up and drop facility across 300 cities globally; but, because apart from selling holidays, we believe in creating happy vacations, ones that our customers deserve and remember for years to come. For our employees, we ensure:

Technology – We pride in being the pioneers in using the latest technology in the travel domain. From creation of APIs to maintenance of database, development of internal reservation system along with the best in-class booking engine; usage of new-age, vanguard technology by our tech wizards has allowed us to become a force to reckon with in the online travel world in a short span of time. Here’s more on why HolidayMe is a technology pioneer in the online travel industry

Growth – The growth prospects are endless here. We are a start-up but we believe in personal recognition of the efforts put in by everyone and give them the chance to ideate, innovate and hone their skills in our organisation. 

Learning – HolidayMe is a place where you get the chance to compete with the very best in the travel industry. Learning is a process, and everyone adheres to the same.

Atmosphere – The employee strength has hit the three-figure mark in no time – and we are a close-knit, fun loving, chilled lot, who love what we do. We also love chatting about anything under the sun, all you have to do is place a coffee mug in front of us!