The World Cup fad

India may have lost the World Cup semi-finals, but we sure had our share of fun while it lasted. But we decided to take it in stride and keep cheering nevertheless! Our super awesome cultural committee treated us to a live screening of the 2014 Cricket World Cup and Oh! Was it a sight to behold!

From continual frenzied groans to those eagerly queuing up for face paints, HolidayMe became even more bustling than usual.


While those who voted for Australia were ‘sportingly’ rewarded…



Fans of Umesh Yadav and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (who scored the highest wickets and runs for India respectively), walked away with boxes filled with delicious chocolates.



There was a surprise snack treat in store to console everyone for the sad loss. And it sure looked like it worked.


Thank you dear committee, and promise us to keep coming up with more of such fantastic ideas!